Injustce In Humboldt County, California

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  1. AlexM said,

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. mustang200 said,

    Thank You…I am looking for other fathers in similar situations, if you know anyone…especially in California let me know……..

  3. penumbrook said,

    Hey Mustang,

    Found your blog. Yeah, California is the worst state in the nation, by sheer numbers, for men being denied visitation. Hawaii by percentages.

    Make sure you keep up with Glenn Sacks weekly emails. And read Stephen Baskerville’s Taken into Custody. It will explain the court system better. You need to know the information in this book.

    As for me, I’m working on a local letter writing campaign that focuses on my good traits as a parent rather than bashing my ex. I’m getting my story out to people in the community. I’m focusing on people who know my children, people in the legislature who make the legislation that has made this tyranny possible, and people in the professional community who need to know how this negatively impacts their lives too.

    What your ex and my ex are doing degrades freedom, justice, liberty, and society. Their actions ensure that we will have generations of disfunctional kids growing up to run our businesses and our governments.

    We’re in a battle for the future of our country and our civilization as we know it.

    Check back on my blog every now and then. And, hang in there. Its gonna get worse before it gets better.

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